Customer review

"Andi is GREAT! She's very easy to get on with, she has a wealth of knowledgeable, deploys a logical approach to her teaching and is refreshingly straightforward. She had two scything new comers mowing safely and with reasonable results within an hour. I have a 1/3 acre of less than flat (as we found out) flower meadow and learning to scythe it (albeit tricky over the mole hills and grass clumps) has been the best thing. Andi is a very competent teacher and this enabled me to appreciate the unknown delights of this historical skill. There is something deeply therapeutic about this art that connects you closely to nature and its rhythms. I'm a complete fan and convert, and I highly recommend Andi to introduce you to the wonderful world of scything. A scythe in her hands literally sings!
Thanks Andi, I'm completely in love with my scythe!"


 "Thanks for spending the time with me today. Just to say, I used the scythe tonight. It was fantastic, why have I never had one before.  Strimming is redundant as far as I am concerned. I cut down quite a big patch in no time and it was so easy." 

 "Thank you so much for the fantastic course last weekend. I absolutely loved it and am totally converted to the cause! I’ve even been able to advise my uncle on which scythe to buy to manage his allotment/orchard in Essex. I spent Sunday researching scything online and am planning to come to the Festival on 14 June. "

"Andi, that was a great day, we all really enjoyed it and you're a great teacher. Thank you!  I have been attacking my orchard with the zeal of a convert  - great fun."

 "Hi Andi, thank you for an excellent day out in the fresh air! I thought your course was extremely good, covered everything I needed to know to get started and was well taught in a very pleasant easy style. (I teach Systems Engineering courses). A brilliant birthday present! "

And another one..

 "We really enjoyed the day & are very pleased we were able to take part in the course. Pleased as well, that we had no ill effects from the exertion & definitely slept well last night. James questioned whether I actually needed to purchase a scythe. Well, I did & used it today for another 4 hours! We own & manage an area of Ancient woodland near Chard. Having removed several acres of Rhododendron ponticum a few years ago, the areas have large amounts of Pendulous sedge and bramble now needs to be controlled. The 55cm “ditch” head scythe you recommended has proved ideal for cutting along the edge of the track & along a ditch. It coped well with Pendulous sedge, short bramble & short nettles. I made very good progress working round a fallen tree and cleared a reasonable area. I found the scythe easy to manoeuvre.  Looks like we won’t need to buy a mower. "